Pug Questions

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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/7/2005
Our Pug was abandoned before coming to live with us. We know very little about his history. Today he was very still and quiet(unusual for him) and just keeps staring at me. I examined him closely and finally found a skin colored lump forming where his right front leg meets his body. Are skin tumors, cysts or diseases usual for this breed?

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3/8/05 I myself have a pug that I found 4 years ago. From what my vet said he was an abused puppy. Since then I've added 4 more pugs to my family and learned a lot about their diseases and history. Skin Tunors are not one of their common problems but can occur. Take him to a Vet immediatley. You do not want to wait on anything. This could be caught & cured immediatley. Him staring at you is because he's trying to tell you that something is wrong. Pugs are like little people in a fur coat. They do communicate to their owners and let them know when something is wrong. Love & Treat him the way you would treat your own child. Roseann