Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/13/2005
i have heard 2 stories: 1. that parti poms cant pass parti unless the other dog has parti in his/her background and 2. that they can. I heard people say that blues cant be passed unless both parents carry it but I ve seen a blue come out of blk/tan x white and only one parent had blue in his pedigree. Can someone give me the facts?

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5/29/05 Hello, Both dogs need to carry the parti gene for them to have a parti puppy. It can be a couple of generations back. The white dog can dilute the black down to blue. Blue is a diluted black. Linda Dupree 919-662-1672 msd2luvkennel.com Madison
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9/16/05 I find a Pom can have a mismark or parti if bred to solid color. I do not think they should be mixed.As for the Blue,the Bl/T could have been carrying the genes. I bred Pekingese 20 years and Partis show up if both are solid if parti is behind one dog. Naida
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