Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/4/2005
Hi, I have a new 9 wk. old Pom. I am old and it has been years sense I had a puppy. It seems the only thing he wants to do is bite, chew, and dig. Is this normal for a puppy? If so how long will it last? If not, what shall I do? I love him very much...but can't hold him much because he is always biting on me. Thank You for your help.

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3/4/05 Extremely normal, especially with a Pom puppy. They're like babies and they're getting used to their teeth. The best thing to do when he bites you is to say (in a firm voice) "NO" and put him down. He'll figure out pretty quickly that if he bites you he's not going to get the attention he wants. The biting will probably stop on it's own at about 5-6 months. Congrats on your new puppy and enjoy - they're a GREAT breed and will give you so much love! Cyndi
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