Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/22/2008
Hi guys, well my pomeranian is supposebly pregnant, she was mated on the 22nd of February which makes her 60 days pregnant. but she is not extra large and her nipples are not sagging, her stomach is firm and her nipples are just as swolen as i can remember. She has done everything to the book, her vulva stayed swolen after her heat, she went off her food at four weeks, she got more loving, she now has some occasional clear discharge but a very small amount, i took her temp and it is at 99. I dont understand how this can all be happening when she isnt even showing, do you think its possible she has a pup in there, or could it be a Phantom? i have a whelping box and kit out just in case. also when i feel her stomach i can feel something, it could be just my imagination, it feels kinda like bubbling. could this just be her indigestion system? Please Please help me. I have phoned my vet but he says that he thinks she is having a phantom pregnancy, and if she starts panting, nesting e.t.c to call him so he can prepare for a c-section if there are any problems. I have bred larger dogs before but ive never had anything confusing like this.

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