Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/18/2007
My Pom is pregnant for the second time. The first time she had only one pup, it came early at 50 days and didn't survive. This pregnancy wasn't planned, so I am concerned for her, she is very large in the belly already at 30 days. I'm concerned she can't go the full term? She is 6 yrs old also. Can anyone give me advise? She's also turning down food, and she's a crummer!! Thanks so much, Sugar's Mommy.

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10/24/07 Your best bet would be to work closely with your vet. Having a previous history of premature delivery increases her risk for it happening again. She is also at an age where many breeders would have already retired her, shes not incredibly old to be having pups but her risks could be increased even more by her age. Kaleena
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