Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/24/2004
I have two labs, and was curious if they would do well with a pom, that will make my decision.

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11/29/04 All dogs are individual, and it is hard to say weather a lab will get along with a pom without harming them. Many things should be considered and taken into account. How old is the lab? How big? Has the lab been socialized with other dogs? How did he/she react with other dogs? with other people? Is the lab submissive or dominant? Does the lab have any aggressions in any situations you can think of? Even in play, a larger dog can unintentionally hurt a small pomeranian and the damage could be fatal. I can't answer this question fully as I do not know the lab and its personality. I currently have an astrallian shepard mix who is a great asset to my poms as he protects them and is very careful around them and with them. But he was raised with them as a very small puppy. I hope this helps some. Doniqua
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