Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/31/2007
Hello, We have a Pomeranian whose probably at the age of 6yrs, (we don't know for sure because shes adopted) and we bred her w/ a younger male and now she's going to have puppies... what can we do to make sure of her and the puppies health? How many puppies are there in a first litter for a Pomeranian? And when will she deliver? What should her diet consist of and what environment should we have for her to bring her puppy(s) into this world? thanks alot, -happy pet owner

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8/6/07 Hopefully your male is not too large for the female. They carry their puppies for approx 63 days. You should feed her Purina Puppy Chow the one that helps produce mother's milk. A week before she welps I give my girls Cottage Cheese (1 tbs per day). Her temp will drop from 102 to 97 which is when she will welp. You can take her to the vet after 45 days to have ultra sound done to see how many puppies. When time comes, she will show signs of digging. You will need sterile scissors, suction apporatice, towel, and achole to keep sterile. Soemtimes the female needs help delivering and sometimes not....if i can be of any other help, just email and I'll do the best I can. Debra
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