Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/30/2007
Most of the time they get along fine. One is 2 years old and spayed the other is just a year and about to be spayed. Everyday they go through a period of very rough play with very vicious sounding growling and lots of chasing and its pretty much an equal affair where they take turns being the aggresser. But the older one is more vocal. It's very worrisome to hear and see. I tried water spray and sound machine that makes a bad sound but nothing seems to work.

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5/2/07 When you have a really vocal player, the other dog can begin to feel threatened and try to fight back. You are letting the play get too agressive. Provide a bit more boundaries. If you hear it starting to get out of hand, pick up the louder girl and redirect them to something else, like a chew toy. The more you keep the situation in control, the fewer arguements you will have. Good Luck, Plouff Mai-Ryms Pomeranians Susan
7/7/07 Once you get the other girl spayed, things should settle down Cyndi
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