Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/26/2006
I have one male and one female pomeranian puppies .Both are 9 months old.The female got her first heat about a week ago . She was bleeding at first but she has now stoped and her nipples are growing.I dont know if shes pergnant and i need help about what to do.

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3/23/07 Your question is old enough, I know you have your answer by now. But for the sake of others who might read this and have the same question, I will respond. When they STOP bleeding is when they can be bred. Generally after 7 days. Day 11-13 after she started to bleed is her most fertile and receptive time. It is not uncommon on a first season to see some mammary development while she is in heat. It is of no concern, and may stay developed for a month or two, but it doesn't mean she is pregnant. To prevent further accidents, I suggest you look into panties for her and a belly band for him. This will slow them down, if not stop accidents all together. Please see www.realcooldogstuff.com for these items. Susan