Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/9/2006
My female is 2 and my boy is 7 months..they were locked together 2-3 times a day for over a week...is there any sure fire way of telling shes pregnant? we are taking her to the vet on the 28th day...but we cant wait to tell.....any advice on a pregnancy test for dogs? lol thanks

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9/9/06 No there is no way of telling for sure that she is pregnant until you are able to do an ultrasound or a radiograph both of which you should ask your vet about. Ultrasound can be done much sooner then a radiograph. I feel sorry for your dogs, breeding 2-3 times per day for over a week is way way to much!!! Your male is also too young for breeding, he is only a baby. You are lucky there were no injuries or permanant damage. Also lucky your female is at least an adult unlike the sire. I hope that you will take better care of the puppies then you did of the parents during the mom's heat. And I hope that you will educate yourself before the next time you breed so you can avoid being labeled as an irresponible backyard breeder. And last but not least i hope you are aware of the risk of C-section in small breed dogs. You should ask your vet about it while you are there. Poms are labeled the "heartbreak" breed for a good reason! The puppies are extremely fragile, sometimes even the best breed Kaleena
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