Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/3/2006
my pomeranian girl is now 7 months old and although her tail is fluffy, the rest of her doesn't seem to be. i bought her from a pom breeder, is something wrong?

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9/7/06 She will get there eventually, don't you worry. At 7 months she should just be starting to get her fluffy coat back from the "puppy uglies". Over the next couple months you'll see it grow in and then just before or after she turns a year old she'll loose most of it all over again. When she grows it back again though it will be even fuller then the first time. A pom's coat does not grow in to its fullest potencial until they are 2ish years old. IF your breeder was not reputable there is a chance that the parents were not very good examples of the breed and therefore may not have had great full coats, so in that case you will still see some growth over the next couple months but she may not mature to what you expected. Kaleena
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