Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/15/2006
I just got a teacup pomeranian and was interested in breeding her someday, (when shes old enough)and I wanted to know the risks that come with a teacup pomeranian giving birth. Also, how common are c-sections in these dogs and what is the price range for them?

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3/23/07 Well, that is a catch 22 type question. There are many disreputable breeders selling "tea-cup" poms. Just what is a "tea-cup" pom anyway? I have one that is 2.5 pounds. Is he? I have another that is 3.6, is she? Or is my 4 or 5 pounder a teacup? How big is yours? I met a gal last summer who had a "tea-cup" that was bigger than my 4.5 pound show girl!!! Now, if you truely have a tiny, like I have, you need to really think long and hard about breeding her. I won't breed mine, as I love her too much to chance she will die. There are plenty of them that are a bit bigger who can safely carry a litter that I won't risk the life of a tiny just to fullfil some need to breed. Yes, you are looking a c-section. It would be a high risk pregnancy, and even with a section, they could be premie due to mom's size and ability to carry to term. Then you could lose them all. Sections vary greatly in price depending on where you are in the country. Call around and check, and also che Susan