Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/4/2005
My Pom which I paid ALOT of $$$$ for has had a runny stuffy nose since 5 weeks after I recieved her...I got her as a bred brood she lost her puppies and I have had her on 7 different antibiotics fungal medication 2 nose swabs and blood drawn and tested for aspergiliosis? Tried benadril and zyrtec poor girl...Shes cost so much money and there was a three day guarantee on her and a return breeding if her litter fails cant aforsd to return her... just would like to get her well any suggestions?

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1/3/06 It sounds like something only a vet can fix. Could be an immunodificientcy problem. If you have had all of those tests done, and nothing has worked, I would talk to the person you bought her from! Crystalyn
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