Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/22/2005
What signs can i look for to see if she is pregnant(she is 40 days along and is not showing except enlarged nipples)what vitamins if any should i give her.

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10/22/05 She should be showing more signs then that... her little tummy should be getting slightly largeer at this point. Her weight should be increasing, and her tummy should also be getting pretty hard/tight. I would suggest taking her to the vet to get an ultra-sound to see if she is really pregnant or if she is just going through a false pregnancy. How many litters has she had and how old is she?? Was the male a proven stud dog? How has her appetite increased along with drinking water Deb
Poms 4me and U
1/3/06 She sounds like she is going through a false pregnancy. At 50 days you can take her to a vet and have her externally palpated or x-rayed. If she is pregnant the vet will be able to tell you. Crystalyn
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