Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/8/2005
I believe that my 15 month old pomeranian is now pregnant. So, I have been researching on the net for any forums regarding special care requirements/tips during pregnancy, such as: what supplements she should be given, at what point (if not right away) should I stop applying flea/tick treatments, at what point/if any should I increase the amount of food she is allowed to eat, etc.. So far, this is the BEST forum I have found for such advice. I was just wondering if anyone would PLEASE be kind enough to advise me of such things. I was also wondering if she may be a bit too young to have been bred? I was told by her breeder that she should be bred during her second "heat". However, I am now reading on some other websites that maybe I should have waited until she was a bit older. What do you guys suggest? I have MANY questions, of course, but the ones I mentioned are the most important ones, as of right now: 1. Should I give her supplements other than calcium from the vet? If so, which ones? 2. Should I supplement her blood sugar, in advance, just in case, or ONLY if neccessary? 3. When should I stop applying flea treatments (I have stopped until I get a response on that one) 4. At what point, if any, should I increase her food intake? Thank you SO very much for any help! Minnie and I will be looking forward to your responses!!

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9/9/05 NEVER supplement a pregnant dog with calcium, if you're doing it STOP NOW!!!! It can cause her own production of calcium to stop when the pups are born and she really needs it and can end up killing her!!! I would be happy to advise you if you'd like to contact me personally through e-mail. It would be much easier for me to give you links to many informative websites that way. You can e-mail me by going to my breeder profile here on qualitydogs :) Kaleena
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1/3/06 As far as the flea and tick preventative goes, as long as you do not use one of the cheap over the counter brands, you should have no problem continuing to use it. Keep her on her heartworm preventative if you use that also. Just make sure you are using something like frontline or advantage. Those over the counter flea and tick meds can be dangerous. Thanks Crystalyn
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