Jack Russell Terrier Questions

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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/25/2005
Pete is an adoptee from the shelter. According to them he is a "repete" offender. It seems he is an escape artist. We have years of hunting dog experience so we are in for the count. He has a lick wound. We have tried a number of things that has not worked to include a pair of chaps I made and one of those e-collars. We bought this tyme based product that you can spray to deter the habit. He likes it. I am trying to come up with any idea to let this area heal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wonder can you give a dog prozac for obssessive compulsive behavior. Cheryl

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5/17/05 I looked up Lick sores in my dog owners veterinary handbook.All of this came from this book and I have never tried any of this.Just thought it might help you out.It say In this condition a sore at the ankle or wrist are caused by a constant licking at that spot.It is called a "boredom" sore because it occurs in dogs left alone with nothing to do.It is most common in dogs who are middle aged and therefore less active, especially bird dogs, Labadors, Danes, Dobermans, and other short coated breeds.As the dog licks the wrist or ankle, hair is rubbed off.The surface of the skin gets red and shiny looking and begins to itch.This leads to further maceration, which continues the cycle.Eventually the skin becomes raised,thick,hard and insensitive to pressure.However it remains fresh looking from constant cleaning. Treatment The most important consideration is to relieve the boredom.Topical cortisone relieves the itching but will probably be licked off.Cortisone can also be administered by April
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