Jack Russell Terrier Questions

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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/28/2007
Hi, I have recently purchased a 17 week old femal Jack Russell. She is very timid and shys away from everyone, we have had her for 1 week. The first few days she did not even eat or drink, just laid on the couch!! I thought JR's were very active?! Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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2/14/10 Not knowing what her situation was when you purchased her makes it difficult to full access the problem. There are lines that have some timidity in them, there are also behaviors that develop if the dog has not been properly socialized (or just left in the kennel all of the time). If a dog has not had proper socialization or if they are prone to timidity, sometimes they will "shut down" on you. I would make sure you spend tons of time with her, get her out to socialize with other people (gradually), do NOT isolate her, that could lead to "fear biting". If you can find a "puppy handling class", that would do wonders for her self confidence. Be gentle with her, but do not "baby talk" her. Make her a part of your family and she should "come around". Billie
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