Jack Russell Terrier Questions

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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/9/2004
We have just purchased a Jack Russell - Fox Terrier cross puppy. (half of each) He is 9 weeks old. He recently met an 18-month old Silky Terrier at our home but barked quite aggressively at him, running up to him to try to chase him away. In the near future, we plan to let the 2 dogs spend the weekdays together unsupervised while the respective owners are at work. We want the dogs to get on well. How can we encourage this, and is his barking at this dog the other day a bad sign or merely him being protective of the house? (The other dog is quite a bit bigger, perhaps 18lbs. Our dog is about 5 lbs). Any advice you have would be appreciated.

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5/17/05 Intoduce the dogs on mutual growned a place that they are both familar with but is not thier domain like the park.Also introduce them slowly and at short periods of time also supervise all the visits till you know they will get along fine.You should let them meet several times to get to know one another before putting them together.This should help. April
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