Great Dane Questions

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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/2/2005
I got my danes for pets they are both akc certified but when purchased the breeder sold them as limited registration. We tried to keep them separated but mother nature took over. they are quality dogs but now i dont want to give the puppies away for free becuase it is going to cost a lot to nuture them what is a fair price for Blue with some white markings in california????

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6/4/05 I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, the breeder who SOLD you these dogs on limited registration could sue you and take your dogs and the puppies. Did you have a contract saying they would be spayed/neutered. This could get really messy. Jadesha
6/9/05 I agree with the first post as breeders we place our puppies with an agreement either verbal or on a piece of paper even with a contract the agreement is only as good as the people who sign it. I too place pet on a limited reg. However I would never place a male or female as a companion with a home that has another unaltered pet. Even when I send home pets I have a contract saying they must be spayed/neutered around 18 mos.Did you buy these dogs from the same breeder? I hope they are not related if you did. There are only a couple of serious show breeders here in CA with blues and im sure they would have done a follow up to make sure you altered the puppies you got from them if it was a new breeder im sure they will never know. Im not sure what a fair price for your puppies would be some breeders here sell pets/show puppies for $2000 others can not give thier show bred puppies away. The fact is your puppies will not be registered so you will have to take less for them, I can not tell y Sarah
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6/18/05 You basically have some pet puppies with no papers. As someone else stated you will be lucky if you are sued for breech of contract for allowing these dogs to breed. There is no excuse as "mother nature" took over. Mother nature can't take over if you had spayed/neutered as I am sure your contract stated. Not sure what you mean by AKC certified. They are AKC registered but if they are sold on limited registration then NONE of their offspring can be registered. You basically have unregisterable pet puppies. I wouldn't think you would be able to sell them for much without papers. Cathy
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