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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/5/2005
What is the tallest height a Great Dane can reach and how heavey is it?

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4/5/05 It varies, I have seen bitches that were barely 28" and I knew a dog that was atleast 38" some are bigger. I really depends on the pedigree your dog comes from. Here in Ca we make things smaller I dont know if it is because breeders here want to or just cant get size anymore I know there are some large dogs here just not that many. But then I bought a male from back east and he was small at only 34" If you are looking to get a tall dog look for a breeder that has lot of size on thier pedigree. Just make sure you do your homework for the other things that may come with the size from certain kennels I am not saying that with size comes problems I am saying with many bredders come problems sometimes breeders dont know or care about what is lurking on thier pedigrees. Sarah
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