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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/6/2005
i was wondering how i can get my 6 month old great dane to use the bathroom out side in stead in my room. When i take her out she will go to the puddy if i go out with her and stand there and wait for her to come back in. then during the day she will sneak off and go to my room and poop onm the floor. I tried telling her that she was bad and showing her what she did and put her out side but it seems not to work. I was shampooing my floor and she came right be side me and peed on the floor so how can i stop her oh and keep her from jumping out the windows to come find me. if i am in the house she will not go by the window but once i leave and it don't matter who is here she will jump out to find me and this has already cost me $400 cuase i had to rush her to the vets. thank you so much

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1/17/05 I would start out not leaving her unattended when you can't watch her.I would only scold her and redirect her when you catch her doing it.Put her in a crate when you can't be with her and immediately take her out when you let her out.Some puppies can get a vaginitis at this age and they can urinate a little more because of the irritation.Yogurt some times helps-ask your vet.They do grow out of it. Sharon
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3/15/05 Crate training for this puppy would be a great thing. It will keep your puppy safe and keep your house from being destroyed until she learns some more things. I crate train all of my dogs and when they wake up it is IMMEDIATELY outside with them!! They learn so quickly! It would keep her from go to the windows also where she can get hurt. I know a girl that had a Dane jump through a window and almost bleed to death before the got him to the vet. Hope this helps you. Trish
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