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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/13/2008
I was wondering what I can breed a brindle Dane with? We bred the mother, who is fawn, with a brindle and have a brindle female and male we want to breed.

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11/9/08 According to GDCA standards: Fawn or Brindle Mary
Circle RM Danes
6/7/09 If you ever have a question about the "Ethics" of breeding Great Danes you should check out the GDCA's website (Great Dane Club of America). There is where you can find the Ethics one should have when breeding Danes as well as the "Color Code". Please remember, the only reason to breed a dog is to BETTER the breed and there are many steps you need to take before breeding to make sure you are doing this. Good Luck! Rodeo Great Danes Justine
Rodeo Great Danes
4/2/11 You can also breed to Blacks with a Fawn/Brindle background. Any other colors are completely unacceptable and unethical. Zeia Samantha
Vom Hause Faith European Great Danes