Great Dane Questions

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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/6/2007
I was just wondering if all Danes need a fenced yard? We live on a 12 acre lot, but no fences besides for the cattle around us. I know Huskys have to be fenced or on a leash because they tend to run away... are Danes the same way or do they tend to stick around the house? Is it fine to let her explore around outside by herself once she is ready? Thanks!

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2/19/08 We have the kennels on a 20 acer farm at this time. Just remember that Danes are a hunting breed. They were bred to hunt Boars in a pack. They will chase anything that runs from them. We have had 2 colts attacked by a pair of our girls. they think it is a game and are very hard to pull off when they start the chase. Diana
Autumn Winds Kennels
3/27/08 I agree with Diana, they need to be fenced, no matter how much land you have (We have 150 acres). In rural areas there are preditors; coyotes, bob cats, mountain lions...Danes were not meant to fight these preditors off, no hair protection. They love to chase deer ... one scent leads to another, some people still set traps out there, some ranchers shoot on sight. Protect your babies! Mary
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