Great Dane Questions

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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/6/2007
i think i got tricked when i bought my great dane puppy. the breeder said she was a blue merle... i have yet to find any information on this breed.... did i get tricked? or is this just a rare blood line?

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9/9/07 There are no RARE colors of great danes. Merle is a color that is produced in harlequin breeding. It is JUST MERLE. Not blue. Blue is a COMPLEATLY diferent color in great danes. Merle comes in many diferent shades but is always just merle. Here are a couple of pages on great dane colors and breeding. There are MANY MANY MANY pages on merle genetics and you should be able to easily find them. About being tricked. . . depends on what the breeder told you. Merle is a PET color and should be spayed. Kymber
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