Great Dane Questions

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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/1/2007
i just recently,4 days ago, rescued a 7 month old female great dane, she has been starved, beaten, shot, not socialized. she is absolutley scared of everything, she wont eat or drink out of a bowl,she will not leave my side,ever since we got her we have given positive re-enforcement, i need to know what to do to help her get over her fears. please help.

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9/6/07 You are involved in a long (very)term committment. She has had 7 months to get to where she is at, her best molding time is past. This will take much patience, time, understanding and possibly money on your part. Take baby steps. For the bowl problem, try different sized bowls..start out with a large rubber bowl from a feed store (it wont make loud noises). Put incentives like canned food or small human food treats in the bowl with her kibble. For socialization, take her out with you as much as possible, start slow by just letting her sit in social places (no touching by others until she looks relaxed). when she looks relaxed in different environments enroll her in a puppy class. Mary
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