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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/5/2006
Our dog (a 6 year-old Great Dane/Mastiff mix named Eclipse)had his stomach pumped after being diagnosed with bloat. The next day, he was taken back to the vet and an x-ray showed that he had a flipped stomach. What causes this? We were very saddened to lose our dog in such a short time after learning the final diagnosis. Since we love Great Danes, it would ease our minds to know if there is a reason that this happens and if it is something that can somehow be prevented.

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11/10/06 There are preventions. Unfortunalty you were not treated properly. I bloat is ALWAYS an emergancy. It should ALWAYS coinside with opening the dog up and tacking the stomach. Dogs that bloat will often bloat again ( usualy in a very short time) Part of treating a bloat is to decompress the stomache, then treat for shock and THEN preform a gastropexy. ( this is where the stomach is "tied" to the wall of the abdomine, a little more complicated then this but I am sure you get the idea) In my mind it is the only way this should have been handled and I am sorry your vet did not do so. When you get your next dane consider having him/her "tacked" when you have his/her neuter perfomred. It is a relitivly simple procedure and saves lives and will give you some peace of mind. Kymber Kymber
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