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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/15/2006
my 8 yr old dane was just diagnosed with disc disease. we are currently starting her on steroid treatment? If the treatment fails should we consider the surgery? She has arthritis through her back spine? What will the healing process be like for her with such a surgery?

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10/3/06 I have known danes that have developed disk problems as they age. All of the ones I know were controlled with steroids. The problem with danes is size. If you are able to rehabilitate your girl and she has no other problems AND the steroids do not work, then yes I would consider it. My experience with backs is through my last corgi (died at 15, had disk problems late in life) We had to limit her movement and carry her to the yard when she was acute. This was instrumental in her recovering and living many years with out problems. With a dane you are limited by size what you can and can not do Kymber
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