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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/30/2006
I live in a 625 Sq feet one bedroom appartment in New York city, is this a suitable space for me to race a great dane?

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6/21/06 It is plenty of space for a Great Dane as long as they get daily exercise (every day of the week, how long and how strenuous depends on the energy lever of the Dane). All of my Danes stay inside with me all day, except for our daily walk/jogs, one of my females is very low energy, and would be happy to sleep all day, and hang out on the couch...she tolerates the walks, but then I have one very, very, very high energy 12 month pup, who would destroy everything in the house if she was left all day with all of that built up energy! I jog with her every morning one mile rain or shine and I take all of them on a group walk every night (she is the only one who needs it twice a day). Great Danes make wonderful inside companions, daily exercise is a must, of coarse, but you don't need a yard to get plenty of exercise just one or two good long walks, the longest one before you leave in the morning, you don't want to leave an energetic, bord Dane unsupervised, because you may not have a house Ann
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