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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/30/2006
trying to get my male dane to mate with my friends female dane they just want to run and play, we have tried just about everything ~!!!?

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4/30/06 Is the female in full season? Sometimes they will play at the beginning when she is not ready yet. We put the male and females together in a pen so that they bond as mates. When she is ready they will breed. Stacey
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6/21/06 Sometimes if she is not quite ready, a little aggressive, or just to be on the safe side, I will take them on a walk togeather side by side for about 10-30 min, so she can get use to him in a controlled enviroment, but I own the male so he is very well behaved for me on walks even if the female is in full season. Ann
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6/21/06 Sorry! I did not Finnish reading the question! I agree if they are playing and not mating then she is probably just not quit ready yet, they will breed when the time is right. One trick if the male is new or a little shy is to put the female on a leash and then walk her away from the male, until he tries to mount. But if she is not ready then this won't help either. Ann
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6/27/06 One good way to get a male very interested in the female is to put them together and if she isn't quite ready, seperate them for a day. When you put them together they will mate if the time is right. Usually you put the female with the male 9 days after she shows blood. One day together, then seperate them, continue this for a week and you should have a nice litter. Anne
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