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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/11/2006
My female just had a litter and one of them is a female blue brindle. I've never seen one before. Are they desirable? Rare? Candy

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2/13/06 Id be interested in seeing a pic of the pup....what are the parents? Don
Bournes Doghouse
2/14/06 Yes I have seen one, (have a picture of the dog too)It happens when the blue breeding caries brindle behind it, the color is not desirable. ANY GREAT DANE COLOR THAT IS NOT DESCRIBED IN THE GREAT DANE STANDARD IS NOT DESIRABLE---regardless of how pretty it is or how nice the dog is, it is a "pet" color and one of the reasons the GDCA does not like to see cross color breeding. There is no such thing as a rare color in danes. People that sell danes as "rare" colors arusing deceptive practices. Kymber
TTS Great Danes
2/26/06 Hello Candy: Yes, I had one once. There is an akc color code# for it, it should be sold as pet quality...can not be shown and should not be bred. Rare.. in that there is no way to get whole litters of this color. Desireable? There is always someone out there who wants the unusal "pet". Mary
Circle RM Danes
4/19/06 One more thing to add, go to the Danes on Line sight: If you look at the bottom they have a link for "other colors" it is full of "funny" colored danes ( not acceptible by the GDCA color standard. Some of the dogs are quite pretty. Kymber
TTS Great Danes