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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/25/2005
I have a nearly 6 month old female dane. She was the product of an unexpected litter of 12 in which the Mother was a rescue dog. My daughter and I both purchased a pup when they were 10 weeks. Within days, my daughter's male displayed viscious tendencies and actually lunged at my 7 year old daughters face, unprovoked. We returned him to the breeder and were shocked to see the condition of the remaining pups in the litter. They were in very poor physical condition. My daughter reluctantly took another as the breeder would not refund her money. Now to my dane. About 4 weeks ago at a family function at my house my 2 year old daughter walked up to the dane pup and "Asia" growled. Yesterday at Thanksgiving another grandaughter, 1 year old, touched the dog chew and Asia growled at her. I was on high alert and later in the afternoon the 1 year old sat next to the pillow Asia was laying on and Asia rose her head quickly and growled again. I am worried sick about my grandchildren now as I have 5 and mostly under 3 years old. When I had Asia in "Puppy Classes" through our local kennel club she was very fearful of the adults and when we had all the puppies romping together she seemes anti-social preferring to sit by my side rather than play with the other pups. She was only 3 months old then. She seems to have difficulty with adult family members who come into our home also. I can understand that but the aggression she is displaying with my little grandchildren has me very worried. What do you think?

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11/26/05 I hate to hear about situations like this. here are more then a couple of things going on here. #1 the puppy is seeing your grandchild as an equal. This is how dogs sort thing out. The behavior is unexceptible and needs to be corrected on several fronts before she gets too big to correct. Contact me and we can talk through some exercises. Kymber Kymber
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11/27/05 I am always watching children around puppies and even my bigger dogs. Sometimes you do not see what the little ones do. In this case maybe the puppies were not raised with little ones. Like the post before mine said the puppies thinks your grandchildren are inferior to her so what I would do is when you are there let them put her food bowl down for her. Let them give her treats. It may be also your puppy is insecure for whatever reason, maybe there where too many in the litter for the breeder to pay attention to all of them. What do you do when the puppy growls? When I have a puppy that wants to be food aggressive I have to keep on top them, I will walk up and take the food bowl away if they make a noise I will hold their collar and tell them No! Also I would give the puppy a save place maybe a bed or a crate that no one can sit on but her. I would also reintroduce her to your grandkids slowly maybe 5-10 minutes at a time so she knows they are ok and they will not hurt her they need to Sarah
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12/7/05 No, in fact my daughter is not even three yrs. old and helps feed and water our two litters of pupps plus the adult great danes. Stacey
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6/21/06 You are right to be concerned, that is completely unacceptable behaviour! But it is also fixable, you dog needs a firm leader, right now she see's herself as the 'pack leader' and she is putting the children in their she would if she were their mother in the wild. First I would not allow her to come close to the kids for a month, not out of fear but for discipline. She needs to understand that the children are above her in rank. While she should not be allowed to approach the children the children should be allowed to approach her, only supervised at first. I would start by putting her in a down position on her side with her head laying flat on the floor, this is a submissive position, then once she will stay bring in a child and have the child over her (it demonstrates dominance over her) and allow the child to pet her...if she growls correct her sharply and make her remain in the submissive position. Also daily walks is mandatory; but you must make her walk at you side Ann
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6/21/06 continued...but you must make her walk at you side or directly behind you, this makes you the pack leader and not her...I would do this for 2 weeks before bringing the children into the exercise. Watch the Dog Whisper, he talk about this, and many other problems that you may face, all of my pups are sent home with one of his CD's. Once you understand that she feels like the pack leader and she is displaying her dominance over the children you will better be able to become the pack leader to her, because in the dog world there is only one pack leader. One exercise is never let her go through a door before you (pack leader always goes first) also make her wait for food and water for at least a minute before you give it to her, place it on the floor and then stand over it, claiming it as your own, before allowing her to have some, and never allow her to place her body over yours, that is a display of dominance. It is very important to NOT allow her to be in front of you during the daily Ann
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6/21/06 continued..during the daily walks, the pack leader goes first. Have a zero tolerance for any type of aggression, immediately go to her and put her in the submissive position, flat on her side with her head flat on the ground and make her stay for at least one minuet. You should not yell, or display any anxiety, or tension she will feel it and to dogs that is weakness, and dogs do not follow weakness, only calm strong leadership. I wish you and your girl the best Ann
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