Great Dane Questions

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Great Dane

Great Dane Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/25/2005
Our great dane, lab,shepard mix had surgery yesterday, after surgery his stomach flipped the vet said and within an hour after coming home he was dead. Would like more info about the stoach flipping thing. Grieving and wondering.

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9/18/05 How very sad for you I believe what you are refering to is Bloat. It is common in deep chested breeds. Many breeders will tack the stomach to keep them from tortioning or "flipping". In an emgergency situation this procedure can be very costly $1200 and up. I had one of my dogs bloat the other day and it was going to be over $6000 (this was a specialist hospital) needless to say we rushed to a different vet and he is fine now. I am surprised your vet didnt know what it was Bloat is pretty obvious to a breeder or a vet the stomach looks like they are harboring a basketball and they just stand there.Bloat is very painful. Usually the dog will begin to heave and throw up what looks like foam. Sometimes even when surgery is done the dog can still die. In the years of breeding and showing I have learned it pays to know just about as much as your vet. Some vets will miss it and some arent capable of dealing with it. Your dog has a better chance if you tube them right away, also if you know h Sarah
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