French Bulldog Questions

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/4/2005
How many puppies does a french bulldog usually have?

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5/11/05 this is a very difficult question cause everything depends on the fertility of the male and of the female. The average is usually 4/6 babies. But with a good male you can have 8/9 puupies. For exemple my Tarkan is 7 puppies average per litter. Certain females cannot have more than 2/4 pupipes. Most of the time it's the little one (not very long and short on their legs). alonger and bigger female will always have at least 5/7 puppies if the cover has been well made. Because the cover counts as well in the number of babies. If you let the male doing his things all alone with the female you'll have less babies. But if ONE cover is made the good day and another one 48 hours later, you'll have more chace to have a big litter. I hope i answered you question in the way you were waiting for... Jean Louis
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