French Bulldog Questions

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/30/2004
Is their such a dog as a "MINI" French Bulldog? If so how small are they compared to the standard?

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12/27/04 i never heard about a mini frenchie, excepted in some case where a litter counts a very small puppy. It can happen of course but looking for more and more little dogs is not recommanded for me cause it accentuate genetic illness. Jean Louis
Haut Mariage
1/3/05 I agree with the first reply. I've never heard of such.. with exception to being genetically small. Two pups I had out of a litter of 3 grew up to be a whopping total of 10-14 lbs.! Totally healthy with no abnormalities.. just tiny! I don't call them 'mini French Bulls by no means though. Just a flook like a 6th toe or something! I'd not breed for that due to possible health issues. Websites can call their pups what they will but finding that 'mini' in the AKC registry is just not there. Pepper
Pepper's Big Bullies
11/21/09 I have a bitch right now who is 15 pounds full grown. In fact she placed 4th at Nationals this year. Stephanie
High Desert