French Bulldog Questions

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/6/2007
I bought a pied bitch last may from a North Florida breeder. What did I want: 1. not a puppy 2. show quality not potential 3. correct in every possible way 4.willing to pay for the dogs worth However, I explained that I needed to rely on them to direct me to the right dog. My knowledge was limited to the FBD. I paid 5000 for my girl. I showed her approx. 10 times and continued to ask the breeders from the beginning that something did not seem right with her. I turned the bitch over to the breeders/AKC professional handlers who proceeded to show her 23 times. They could not get one point on the girl. I was told many times how they do stand behind their breedings and their dogs. They informed me that she had been excused from two shows in Pensacola for refusing to show and dragging. I contacted AKC and the judge personally. She was excused on the first day because she was limping. and on the second day she was reported absent. Why did they lie to me? Who knows. They brought her home and now have a total of 8400 of my money. I have a girl that will not show and does not have a point. They told me I could breed her or sell her, they didnt care and proceeded to blame me. These people are known across this country and show many many dogs. How should I feel about this? Do you think I could do anything about it or just eat my losses.

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4/14/07 Did you get a contract/quarantee with your purchase? 252-482-0519 Jerimie
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