French Bulldog Questions

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/1/2007
Is is true that when you are breeding that you want a pup with a big litter size? Then they will most likely produce a big litter as well?

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3/5/07 Actually, if you really love your frenchies, you are interested in their safety first rather than how many puppies you want them to have. Our adult frenchies are our pets and they are the first concern....the puppies are secondary. The ideal amount of puppies for them to have is 4 or 5 because that way the puppies will be small enough for them to be born naturally (hopefully). If they have 1 or 2 they will be larger and may possibly cause the dam to have a C-section. Our female's first litter was 9 but 7 of them died. 9 is pretty much unheard of in a small breed such as the french bulldog. Hope this helps. Delbert & Diana
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11/21/09 Usually the only ones that have naturally are European Frenchies. They are a lot bigger dog. No matter how large my litter is they go in for C-section. Stephanie
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12/20/09 You are somewhat correct. If your puppy comes from a large litter, that means the mother had dropped a lot of eggs and the time of breeding was optimal. The female determines how many eggs are dropped, thus how many "Potential" puppies can be conceived. Timing is also critical on your breeding, if you breed to early, the eggs are not there, too late, the eggs have already passed and expired. A general rule of thumb, if the mother drops a lot of eggs, then it's likely her daughters will follow suit and be able to "potentially" produce large litters by dropping a lot of eggs to be fertilized. Tonda
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