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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/3/2004
when will the puppy's ear stand upright, my puppy's ear flops while the other one is already up. he is 3months

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9/3/04 of course this is not normal. you must use cod-liver oil on the ear. every day and normally the ear will stand up. Be very quick. Jean Louis
Haut Mariage
10/29/04 This is VERY NORMAL. Pups ears will stand then flop then stand and flop until they are about 8 weeks or older. They will even curl up on the tip at some point. There is nothing you need to do to a french bulldog ears to make them stand. If they are full blooded, pure bred french bulldog this will happen all on it's own in good time. Carolyn
Skon Hund Kennels
12/27/04 i totally disagree, this is not normal cause majority of frenchies keep their ears stand upright once they are up. If certain have their ears coming down sometimes, most of the time you'll have to do something about it or he will keep his ears down. Of course there is sometimes some puppies whose ears go up and down during several weeks but once they are four months you have to worry about it. Jean Louis
Haut Mariage
1/3/05 I agree with Jean. The ear's will go up and down while the cartlidge is strengthening but by that age and if not up I would get a form, a soft curler perhaps and gentle tape and tape them up. Usually only takes about a week. If you don't feel comfortable doing this then take the pup to the vet so they can help you. The cartlidge HAS to be strong enough to hold the ear up. Help is sometimes needed but if over looked.. the ear will for 'down'! Get help ASAP on this issue. Pepper
Pepper's Big Bullies