French Bulldog Questions

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/10/2006
I just received a call from a bully fan who said his 7 year old bully is chewing his paws? Any help on this subject?

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11/21/09 food allergies or allergies in general Stephanie
High Desert
12/20/09 This is a definate sign of allergies. Have your friend start by looking at the type of kibble he is feeding. Many dogs that have been heavily vaccinated will develop allergies to many things. The first place to look is the food. Does it have "corn" or "wheat" products in it. Switch to zero grain kibble and see if that helps. If not, he may have to go to a specialist and have a series of allergen test to find out the cause. Good luck to your friend and his little Frogdog. Tonda
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