French Bulldog Questions

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/10/2006
I bought a French bulldog from a person on this website who promised me the AKC paperwork and the breed history about 2 months ago. She will not respond to my emails or my phone calls. I'm hoping this is not a scam, is there a way to check or should I contact the police if I do not get it. There was no written statment saying she would give it to us but it says they're AKC registered on the website. Any advice would be greatly appreciated = )

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1/29/06 the person you bought the puppy from is most likely an import broker/breeder, they promise to give papers and rarely do, it happened to me and my friends we now strongly urge people not to buy imports but some still do, imports are usually sick and rarely have akc registered parents, it is a scam, hopefully you did not buy from an broker, find out if the dog is imported, you can take her to small claims court or report her to akc, but its hard to get these guys in trouble the only way to stop them is to stop buying from them. Theriot
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2/25/08 Maybe you should make good on the check that you wrote to cover shipping that bounced as high as a kite!!!!! Bet you would get papers then. xtreme
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