English Setter Questions

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English Setter

English Setter Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/30/2007
My 9-month old setter is a delight. I like to hike and wonder if it is possible to overdo it with a dog that is still growing. If I hike up a mountain for a total of a 6-7 mile roundtrip, she will have run back and forth the whole time and covered many more miles than I have. Could this harm her bone or ligament development?

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1/14/08 English Setters are high energy dogs & love to run & hunt. As long as she isn't jumping over things that she could stumble over ,I don't believe the excercise will hurt her.Be sure she get plenty of water, as they can get dehydrated. Our English Setter hunts & will run hours at a time. When she get tired, she will lie down for a few min & she is on the go again. Alice
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