English Setter Questions

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English Setter

English Setter Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/24/2006
I adopted Winston, a 3 yr.old, purebred English Setter, from the Humane Society 3 months ago. He is very well mannered, gets along well with my other dog and cats.Very good dog- fully house and leash trained.. He has "fits" which almost always triggered when he is on the bed or couch. He suddenly takes deep gasping breathes ,like he is choking, and then tilts his head up and barks ferousiosly. He is not threatening to me, has never snapped,but will put his stiff legs on me to keep me from moving. He seems to be out of it when this is going on and snaps out on his own and is normal immediately. The fit usually lasts a minute or less. He doesn't loose conciousness or bear his teeth but the fit is very frightening for us and for him. My vet is at loss.We almost suspect that in his other life he found his family member dead in bed or something strange like that. He is also terrified of thunder and rain. He seems very needy and is constantly at my side. Help!

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