English Setter Questions

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English Setter

English Setter Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/22/2005
We recently adopted a rescued 5-year-old English Setter. It appears it is 'hunting' our cat--points the cat, is totally focused on the cat, runs throughout the house looking for the cat .... we are afraid it will kill the cat, if given the chance. Are English Setters bred to 'kill' prey, such as cats? Do you suggest returning this particular setter? She is lovable, friendly and good-except for the cat issue......don't want to jeopardize the life of the cat.

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9/5/05 I am only speaking from my own experience with E Setters we have had two in the house with cats and have had no problems, it took a few months but now they actually sleep together. An E Setter points out the prey, they don't kill. It may take time for your Setter to get used to the cat but generally with time comes trust and E Setters love their family; children, dogs and cats included. I can also speak from a rescue dog side I rescued a two year old male yorkie and it took a few months for him to come to trust every breathing thing in the house and it was intense at times but I wouldn't trade him for anything. Try introducing your cat to your E Setter as a member of the family. Randal or Kerry