Chesapeake Bay Retriever Questions

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/4/2007
My chesapeake is loosing goobs of fur.Some places are scalley and some have a little rash.She has been on 500mg of cephalexin 3 times a day for over 30 days.She eats Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach.The scales are clearing but the fur on her neck is not coming back.I have uses Gold bond powder also.Can anyone help? She is also getting baths often with an anti-fungal shampoo.

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2/4/07 is your dog under a vet's care? your vet may want to put her on a very high food alergen dog food as this is better than Pro Plan (store bought dog food still has ingredients that she probably shouldnt have). How often is she getting this anit-fugal shampoo? Your vet may have more advice here for you. thanks, stephanie Stephanie
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2/8/07 This sounds like a dog with a thyroid problem which is a major problem in this breed. Have your vet run a FULL thyroid panel to determine whether or not any of the levels are deficient. It is easily treatable with thyroid medication. Most veterinarians won't run a FULL panel however, so it is important to make sure that yours understands that a FULL panel MUST be done. If it is hypo-thyroidism, the only treatment that will resolve the problem is a daily thyroid medication for the life of the dog with periodic panels run every year or so to make sure the medication is adequate. Kathy
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2/10/07 How was her coat before this? I have a bitch who has such a dense coat, that when she blows it it appears the same way. The coat takes forever to come in. The patches are scaly and the skin dry becasue it is such a molting of hair. When she goes out and runs chunks fall off and get all knotty. SHe has one of the best coats in my kennel (until she blows). She looks as if hse has mange at times. I would only use an antifungal shampoo if she has a fungus. This can be easily seen with a black light. If this is veterinary than I would suggest the blood work. Robyn Robyn
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5/24/07 Some chessies blow their coat big time. How old is she? Have you moved recently? My guess is that she has scales because she has blown her coat and her skin is dry. If you wash her, she'll get drier. Go get some Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment, wet her down message 1 ounce into her coat wait a couple minutes and rinse. This will temporarily put the oils back into her skin and relieve the itching. I've got 20 chessies, this really works. By the way, did the vet do a skin scaping? If not, how could her determine what she has? Call me if you have questions. 281-794-7878. Good luck! Candace
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12/17/07 One thing I have learned in my many years with Chessis and coated dogs (Afghan's) no one single food is the BEST for all. In my kennel I find my dogs do best on Pedigee. I have tried premium foods and see no real difference between it and Pedigree. My one search dog eats Innova Evo and Pedigree just so I can switch him to the higher protein that he will need with strenious searches. Have your dog scraped and checked for mange (both types) just to rule this out. I agree with Kathy, do a FULL Throid. Some vets just dont even think of this as much as they should. Cephalexin is an excellent antibiotic, but it is so broad spectrum that it is sometimes used too much. How are your dogs ears? If they are inflammed too this could be fungus as well as food allergies. If you think your dog is just blowing coat, then help it along, give the dog flax seed. To promote coat growth give cold water fish oil. But if a dogs coat is flaky from blowing coat Id say there is an underlying issue too. My dogs Karen
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8/17/09 Where do you live? I'm only asking you this in case you are still having problems with your dog. I just got back one of my pups from a previous litter who was horribly allergic to the area where he lives. You should do an allergy panel. Now that I have the dog back he is thriving. Skin looking better, on Pedigree, and his hair is growing in too. His thyroid was normal. He was on Chephlexin too and medicated baths which did not do a thing. You've got to figure out what it is. Maybe getting her out of the area is what she needs as her symptoms sound just like this dogs. Go to my breeder page and see his picture, he's not yet been with me a month, but he is making great progress. You may have the same problem. Just a thought. Karen
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