Chesapeake Bay Retriever Questions

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/7/2005
Ok Im considering getting a retriever for duck hunting. Is the Chessie a good choice for a hunting partner and friend? Have some experience training dogs.Labsseem so common. Chessies I know have a reputation for being stubborn. ALab on steroids.

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8/7/05 Chessies are not really stubborn, they just have their own ways of doing things. They will not just do something because you ask, which is different than a lab, who will do it because you ask them to. Chessies are thinkers. The benefit toa chessie is that once you finally do have them trained they are awesome at it. The other thing that is great about chessies is that they will all work. You donot have to purchase a particular line or type to have a hunting dog and companion. They have not been overbred, therefore as long as a pup has trainability they will do whatever you train them to do. So, it will be a bit different in the beginning, but all in all they will wrok nicely in the future. Robyn Haskin Robyn
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8/9/05 We have been training, competing in the field and hunting with our chessies for 30 years. The reputation of being stubborn does not hold true to most of todays Chesapeaks. We do not find them stubborn, but very trainable. They have a high pain tolerance which makes them exceptional in very cold weather. They are more of a one family dog, not prone to jumping into just anyone's truck to go hunting. Like all DOGS they need to be obedience trained....they need to know what is required of them and what there place in the family will be. Dom & Norene
5/3/06 Stubborn is not a word I would use for a chessie. Smart is a much better word. Chessies not only learn quickly, they also get bored quickly. The secret to training a smart dog is make it fun, change up the program and do it with lots of love. Chessies are tough, but yelling can hurt their feelings. They have tremendous endurance and would lay down their life for those they love. These are truly wonderful creatures. Candace
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10/19/09 I don't consider Chessie's to be stubborn, remember the dog will only be what you put into it. They do need consistency in training. I've found over the years that all I have had are eager to please. They do not learn like a Lab and should not be compared to one, they are unique, devoted and a willing worker. Karen
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