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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/6/2005
I am looking into getting a boston puppy and have read several publications telling me to get a crate for my pup. Is this really needed? I was planning on putting up a baby gate to keep him from getting around my house when i'm not home and those "puppy pads" for potty training. I guess i've just always had the idea that crates are mean, but i've never owned a dog before, so i don't know. Any thoughts??...

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12/27/05 I highly reccomend crate training. Crates are great for housebreaking and for preventing destructive behaviour as a result of separation anxiety. Bostons bond so closely with their families that some Bostons "act out" when their families are away. I do not reccomend paper or puppy pad training, because all you are doing is giving the dog permission to eliminate in the house. Cassidy
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1/3/06 I totally agree with Cassidy. And to add, after a puppy is crate trained they enjoy the security of the crate. It is "their" place. Tony
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