Boston Terrier Questions

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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/11/2004
It has been several years since I breed my male Boston. What is the best time during the season for the bitch, to breed? I have an owner of a bitch that is in for two days.

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8/8/04 Sorry, I didn't know I had any postings...Pro-estrus is the first noticeable phase of a bitches' heat (onset spotting) and can last anywhere from 8-13 days. The second stage lasts 4-7 days, beginning usually when the spotting has stopped and the bitch will usually seek the male out. This is the time to breed. A good rule of thumb would be to breed the bitch around the 10th to 13th day after the onset of bleeding. My bitches seem to be receptive around the 12 day and when they are, I let them mate as often as they will except the male. Cassidy
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