Boston Terrier Questions

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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/31/2006
How come pet shops and certain breeders advertise their obviously red pups as seal colored. The AKC says that seal colored is black except when in certain light the coat looks lightly red. How do people get away with such things and why doesnt the AKC do something. Is it because they would loose alot of revenue? Just answered my own question.

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2/2/06 That is a great point. A lot of the inexperenced public who are looking for a Boston Terrier would see a "Red" Boston and assume that it is the correct "Seal" markings for AKC without questioning, which as you said is not at all. I have also seen people with Liver colored Boston's advertising them as Seal when in fact Liver is a disqualification for the breed. Its too bad people can get away with it but they seem to be doing just that. Tony
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8/3/06 What's even more disgusting is those breeders who advertise them as "rare" and charge more money for them!!! Cassidy
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