Basset Hound Questions

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Basset Hound

Basset Hound Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/3/2005
I am considering buying a Basset Hound puppy, but have a couple of questions before I begin to look. I live in an apartment that does allow dogs, but currently do not have any pets. I grew up always having at least 2 dogs in the house, but never a Basset. Most of my research has led me to believe that a Basset and I would get along famously, but many websites I have seen have said that Bassets do not do well alone and I am still in school so this is a huge concern for me. I do not want to get a dog and then have him or her be miserable. I don't know anyone who currently owns a Basset so I will ask all of you. If I end up purchasing a Basset, do you think that leaving a TV or radio on in the apartment while I am away would help? I know that this will also depend on the individual dog and, if I get as far as finding a breeder I will ask them the same question, but I thought I would ask the general dog public first. Any suggestions or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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8/14/05 Bassets do enjoy the company of their owners and when bored they tend to sleep . It would be a matter of training the puppy to learn how to entertain themself . When I have a litter of puppies I always start kennel training them right away . I put certain toys and chew sticks in their kennel that they only get when they are in the kennel . This helps them to enjoy their kennel and to also see their kennel as a fun place . I typical find that the males are calmer but are also larger . I think Bassets due to their calm nature do very well in the home . They do enjoy walks . So if you could work it out where you gave the pup a nice walk in the morning he or she may do just find . I would venture to say that most dogs do not like to be away from their owners for long periods time. Fun toys and chew sticks would help out . This may sound crazy but even a secured mirror that the puppy could look into would give him or her hours of entertainment . My pups love it . I hope this helps . Susan
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