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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/8/2010
THE QUESTION BOX LET ME TYPE OUT MY WHOLE QUESTION AND DIDN'T TELL ME IT WOULD BE CUT IN HALF! LUCKILY I SAVED! here's the rest: , its not about what SHE wants to do. So I changed tactics a little: I pried her mouth open enough to press the ball in, then once it was in praised her. Again and again and again. I would give her breaks, let he run a little, get water, etc... but then we'd be back at it. Like most BCs, she's sensitive, and she obviously is upset during the session, afterwards she's her same loving self and we're back to being best friends. Obviously, the failure is on my part. But what am I doing wrong? (And the "maybe you should choose another game than fetch" answer is something I've considered, but after researching the internet and finding NOTHING on stories about dogs that won't even pick up a ball, I've decided I'm not asking her to do anything unreasonable. I'm not asking her to learn to fly a plane, or do calculus - its not something she CAN'T do - she sometimes loves to run and get a thrown ball or toy, but 9 times out of 10 she'll drop it and move on to something else. I want to correct by behavior in order to correct hers! Sorry for being so long winded, just try to provide enough detail. Thanks!

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3/27/11 Maybe you could try throwing a toy (nylabone possibly) on a rope and if you can get her to pick it up, try reeling her in with much praise if she hangs on until you get her to come back to you with it. What about throwing treats? Praising her when she picks them up, even if she eats them, as long as she comes back to you afterwards. Maybe she just won't fetch because it's not fun anymore. If it's a "battle of the wills", fetching is not going to be an easy thing to force her to do. Try to make it fun for her. Also, never end on a sour note. Make sure that the last thing you do is worthy of praise before you end a training session. Make it a fun thing for her. Also, if you always have bad vibes in a certain place, try changing your location before trying something new with her. Good luck. Debby
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