Border Collie Questions

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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/29/2009
Hi there, My collie displays some strange behaviour. He has been brought up around children and was fine with all aspect of contact - They could feed him food from his bowl directly, played with them and greatly loved the affection by lying on his back submissily for them to tickle his belly. They have now grown up and I have since had another child. Whilst pregnant only my husband could be in close contact with me (he growled and showed his teeth to anyone else and stood over my belly to protect). Two children have since been bitten (nastily). He seems to grumble at all children at sometimes even at my son who is now 2, but at the same time quivers as though he is scared. He actively seems to run away from my son. Stranegly too, if other children try to go near my son, the dog will do his best to go between them as though protecting him from anyone and has always done this since he was born. It's all very strange and long winded. Can anyone advise what I can do to stop the dog being afraid of my some and other children, therefore stopping anymore biting incidents - I love my dog dearly (like another baby) and don't want to loose him? Thanks Vick

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